Furniture Decoupage

Furniture Decoupage

Sometimes your furniture gets tired. Or you get tired of the way it looks. One way to fix it is to purchase a new set. On the other hand, you may want to opt for a cheaper and easier solution – that would be furniture decoupage.

Furniture Decoupage

The word ‘decoupage’ has come into fashion in recent years, but what does it mean when applied to furniture? It is as simple as gluing paper cutouts to a piece of furniture.


One can use either purposely-made paper or newspaper, book or any other cutouts. Mind you, that just one layer will not be enough – in order to make a refreshed item look solid, multiple layers may be used, each sealed with varnishes, sometimes multiple coats of them. Most commonly 30 to 40 layers of varnish are used to be later sanded to a polished finish.

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The art originated in middle ages in Germany when cut out images were first used to improve and enliven tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture items.

что такое декупаж на мебели

Later Venetian furniture makers adopted it to imitate expensive oriental inlays. The name Arte Povera (Italian for the art of the poor) stuck to their produce. Ironically, now it is extremely rare thus very expensive — which makes the style (and production technique) even more popular among furniture designers and their customers.

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Nowadays furniture decoupage provides for a change of your interior into a great variety of styles, yet, there is a number of them, that we like to call most traditional for the technique.

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These are Provence, Victorian style, country, shabby chic, simplicity, ethno and even military. For a tasteful execution of any of them, you may still want to consider inviting a designer – both to ensure good quality of works and save some money compared to ordering a new set of furniture.


On the other hand, there is always an option of doing everything with own two hands – just be sure to do your homework.

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